Hi, I'm Molly.

I tweet. Follow me at @molly_wang

I'm multidisciplinary  -  I'm studying Computer Science, Economics, and Mathematics at The University of Pennsylvania. Outside of class, I'm investing in student startups as a partner with Dorm Room Fund.

I seek new experiences  -  This summer, I'm at Microsoft as a Program Manager Intern on Windows Shell UX. In the past, I've worked at Uber as a software engineer, at Broadcom as a product developer, and at J.P. Morgan Futures as an analyst.

I like to build things  -  I'm excited by the process of bringing an idea to life. I've worked on a number of mobile and web tools, but I'm currently excited about a new project that addresses how millennials are ushering in experience economy.

I'm a podcast enthusiast - Here's a list of my favorites. Send me recs for your go-to's and if you want to chat about them,