Hi, I'm Molly!

I’m a PM at Microsoft building a refreshed user onboarding experience that targets the next gen Windows OS and scales across new device form factors. 100% of users see my feature, so I work cross-functionally with engineering, design, data scientists, marketing, and strategy to consistently validate I’m leading my feature team in the right direction. My everyday is a balancing act of customer, business, and legal requirements to ensure my team and I create the best out-of-box-experience.

I’m always growing -  I seek new experiences and want to learn about different roles and functions. I’ve leveraged my experiences in different disciplines to learn how to balance customer, business, and legal requirements when building a new product across different platforms. These experiences include:

  • Microsoft Program Manager intern on Windows UX for Android OS

  • Uber Software Engineer intern on Mobile Platform working on analytics for the redesigned rider iOS app

  • Broadcom Product Marketing intern on the launch of the Internet of Things (IoT) division

  • J.P. Morgan Futures China analyst on emerging tech trends that bridge Sino-American markets

I build things  -  I'm excited by the process of bringing an idea to life. I'm currently excited about a new project that looking at the evolution of the experience economy. While in school, I've also worked on a number of mobile and web tools on the side.

I’m multidisciplinary  -  I studied Computer Science and Economics at The University of Pennsylvania where I received my Bachelor of Science in Engineering (B.S.E). While at UPenn, I also invested in student startups as a partner with Dorm Room Fund, a fund backed by First Round Capital.

I tweet. Follow me at @molly_wang