Consulting Projects

As co-chair of PennSEM (Penn Social Entrepreneurs Movement) Consulting under the Wharton Social Impact Initiative, I manage 15 student consultants and staff 4-5 of them on one of three social enterprises respectively to provide pro-bono advisory services. Past projects have included:

  • Third-wave coffee and clothier retail expansion plan: Help identify locations to expand to within the next 5 years within the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region. Looked at foot traffic, demographic makeup, local commercial real estate market players, state and city tax rates, etc.
  • U.S. food production and market analysis: We looked at barriers to entry and existing competition for an international social enterprise focused on sustainable food production that was looking to expand into the United States. Through customized and comprehensive survey and analyses, we identified specific markets and demographics most inclined to use their services as well as made suggestions on how to cater to others. 
  • S.E. Asian architecture design studio working with homeless and displaced communities: Investigated zoning laws in S.E. Asian, building regulations, and government partnerships and sponsorships to help reduce homelessness.